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ACCA Webinars

The ACCA provides opportunities for members and friends to (virtually) meet key decision-makers on cloud computing, and hear expert views on the impact that changes in the marketplace have on business. In this fast-paced world of technology, we cannot afford to stand still.

If you wish to participate in an ACCA webinar as a featured expert or guest, please contact the secretariat at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Date Topic and Featured Guest
25 June 2014

Title: Can the Philippines repeat its stunning BPO success as the world moves to Cloud?
Guest: Mr. Jose Mari Mercado - President and CEO, IT and Business Process Association, Philippines


The Business Process Outsourcing Industry in the Philippines, leveraging off, initially, communications and then the Internet/Web revolutions, is one of the leading industries in the country. The IT-BPO Industry generated $16 billion in revenue in 2013, employing close to 1 million people. In 2013, Manila ranked No. 3 in the world as a global outsourcing destination, moving ahead of New Delhi. With the government actively supporting growth through various incentives aimed at attracting FDI, what is next for the sector? What are the opportunities in cloud for BPO? Indeed, what does BPO Cloud look like? And with data sovereignty concerns increasing regionally, what are the challenges in next-generation BPO.


In this exclusive session for ACCA members, President and CEO of the IT Business Process Assoc. Philippines, Mr. Jose Mari Mercado will introduce the BPAP, provide an overview of the sectors growth potential, and open up to possible initiatives for ACCA member companies in this fast growing sector. He will discuss the state of cloud technology adoption amongst businesses in the BPO industry, identify areas with particular potential within the cloud landscape, and discuss what is hindering more active cloud adoption, despite growing interest. We will also aim to use this seminar to look at issues that could be taken to the government to further aid the development framework, and in this regard benefit from having someone of Mr. Mercado’s expertise.


3 June 2014

Title: Cloud Computing and the Future of Marketing [watch recording on Cisco’s WebEX]
Guest: Mr. Jos Birken, Vice Chairman, Direct Marketing Association of Singapore (DMAS)


The availability of Cloud Computing and cloud based services and platforms has had a profound impact on the way we will do marketing in the future. That change has been visible for a few years but is about to go mainstream now.

Jos Birken, Vice-Chairman of the Direct Marketing Association of Singapore will discuss some of these major changes. He will also highlight the trends and  particular market circumstances that are causing these developments to speed up.


21 May 2014, Wed

Title: The Intersection of Money, SME, and Cloud Computing In Indonesia: Extending Access and Bringing the Next 50 million Customers Online [watch recording on Cisco's WebEx]
Guest: Mr. Donny Prasetya, Senior Vice President at Bank BTPN, Indonesia


If Facebook was a country, it’s capital city would be Jakarta – on a simple usage per capita basis. For years Indonesia was both Blackberry’s and Nokia’s second most important market globally; now it is Huawei’s next frontier. Despite limited and at-times rudimentary access, this country of 180 million people is no stranger to rapid adoption of next gen technologies, particularly if they are mobile. 

Indonesia has some 250 million mobile accounts and less than 100 million bank accounts. If a decent fraction of those with mobiles could access an account via their device formal financial access would be rapidly extended; if they could pay seamlessly with their mobile the velocity of money – and trade – would accelerate exponentially.

Donny Prasetya, long at the forefront on the policy side, is now at the forefront of implementing this revolution on the business side, and he is targeting the extensive SME community throughout Indonesia, targeting mobile access and the delivery of cloud computing solutions, to enable remote payroll dissemination, bill payments and collection, CRM enablement, customer tracking, and so on. The estimate is that some 2-10 million SMEs in Indonesia will have adopted some form of cloud computing solution within 4 years. 

In this webinar Donny will give a brief overview of the market and market potential from the perspective of BTPN Bank, with its unique focus on the underbanked and extended SME communities, and its innovative portfolio of solutions; given his background in policy and his close relationships with the major telcos he will entertain interested questions on the opportunities from those perspectives also. This is also a unique and timely opportunity to get insights into this crucial regional market as we go into election season and the transition from the Yudhoyono regime.


6 May 2014

Title: The Future of the Internet
Guest: Mr. Kuek Yu-Chuang, Vice-President and Managing Director, ICANN Asia Pacific Hub


The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has recently set up an Asia Pacific Hub, amidst a time of great change for the organisation, and for the Internet as we have known it. Recent milestones have included the release of new global top level domain names (gTLDs) and the historic announcement by the US Government of its intent to transfer the stewardship of the important technical functions of the internet to the global multi stakeholder community. In addition, NETmundial, the Global Stakeholder Meeting on the Future of Internet Governance just concluded in Brazil. Join us for this interactive webinar by Mr. Kuek Yu-Chuang, Vice-President and Managing Director of the Asia Pacific ICANN Hub for an exclusive opportunity to find out what the changes mean for global connectivity and cloud businesses.