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ACCA Blogs and Podcasts

DateTitle and AuthorCategory
2013-10-29 Does Cloud Need A Big Brother? Blogpost
2013-10-02 "Cloud: Still A Tough Sell" interview with David Rosengrave, VerizonDo we still need to pitch for Cloud in Asia? Is it a good idea to run Centers of Excellence for Cloud in enterprises? What is the value proposition in Private PaaS? How far are we from IT-in-a-Box for enterprise? Podcast
2013-10-01 Bringing The Cloud Back Down To Earth Blogpost
2013-09-18 "Innovataholics!" Interview with Kingsley Wood, Amazon Web Services: In this episode our discussion revolves around the impact of Cloud Computing on Innovation. AWS's Kingsley Wood shared with us a number of examples of the innovative ideas leveraging on Cloud. We also talked about DevOps and the future of Cloud in Asia. Podcast
2013-09-03 Net Neutrality And Cloud Development by Lim May-Ann Blogpost
2013-08-05 Asian High-Speed Broadband And The Cloud Blogpost
2013-07-08 Getting to Green in the Data Centre by Amir Haghbin Blogpost
2013-07-03 ACCA's Growing And Diverse Membership Blogpost
2013-06-23 Think Local, Act Global With Cloud Data Protection Policy Blogpost
2013-06-12 Singapore Tightens Web Content Rules Blogpost
2013-06-06 Data Sovereignty: Whose Rules Rule In The Cloud? Blogpost
2013-05-31 Finding Opportunities In The China Cloud Blogpost
2013-04-24 Nephophobia in Financial Institutions by Omid Mahboubi Blogpost
2013-04-14 "Unlearning Cloud" Interview with Mark Ross, Founder of CloudGarage and GridMarkets: We discuss what cloud computing is and what it is not, and how to distinguish real cloud offerings from the fake. Podcast
2013-04-05 BSA Scorecard Echoes Findings Of ACCA's Cloud Readiness Index Blogpost
2013-03-26 Data Protection: Mutual Recognition The Way Forward by Amir Haghbin Blogpost
2013-03-12 A Call To Action On Generic Top-Level Domains (TLDs) by Bernie Trudel Blogpost
2013-03-05 Building Trust In The Cloud Blogpost
2013-02-12 Missing From The Cloud: Asia's SMEs Blogpost
2013-01-29 The Cloud Year Ahead Blogpost