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Do you have a vested interest in cloud computing in Asia Pacific? Are you encountering cloud adoption challenges? Is the growth of your cloud business hampered by a lack of trust and understanding in the cloud model? Perhaps you encounter concerns from colleagues and customers because of uncertainties around security, data protection, privacy, performance, governance, regulation, interoperability?

The Asia Cloud Computing Association is focused on these issues. It is the platform for collaboration between the industry's most influential cloud stakeholders in Asia, coming together to do smart and innovative work to remove blockers of adoption as a community.

Join this fast growing, reputable and influential group of Cloud thought leaders in Asia and help create the roadmap for Cloud. Magnify your influence and accelerate the market. Meet with peers, gain insights into the market and influence the future.

As a member you will benefit by:

  • collaborating with reputable companies on Asia's cloud challenges,
  • combining voices to address regulatory challenges,
  • positioning and promoting your organization's brand,
  • accessing valuable market research,
  • accessing a sizable database of decision makers in the region,
  • networking with Asia's cloud influencers and thought leaders.

How to Join the ACCA

Signing up is simple:

  1. Complete this application form and submit it to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  2. The ACCA Secretariat will send you an acknowledgement email upon receipt of your application, and we will start the application approval process internally. You will be informed of your application status in one month.
  3. Upon internal approval, the ACCA will send you a notification email, as well as an invoice for your membership fees. Your company’s membership will be activated upon receipt of your membership dues.

If you need more information, or would like the ACCA to chat about how we can accelerate your company's growth, contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . We'd be happy to chat with you.




There are three membership categories: ENTERPRISE membership, ASSOCIATE membership, and SME membership:




tier description

This category is for companies deemed market leaders in terms of revenue, size and reach, and who may wish to develop deeper reach into existing markets, and/or explore emerging economies. This category is for companies deemed market leaders within their own domestic economy, but who may wish to expand beyond their current markets. This category is for entrepreneurs who want visibility over regional developments and opportunities




USD 30,000 USD 10,000 USD 2,000 

Membership Category Assessment

ACCA membership fees are based on company revenue,
no. of employees, and geographic spread.

Your company belongs to the tier that you check off
two or more qualities in either column.

What is your company’s annual revenue?

USD300m and above less than USD300m  USD1m or less

How many people does your company hire?

500 persons and above Less than 500 persons  Less than 50 persons

How many countries is your company operating in?

More than one Domestic operations only Domestic operations only





FAQ: Some Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is part of this organization?
A. Current members include ADN, Amazon Web Services, Cisco, Digital Realty, Equinix, Globe Telecom, Google, Microsoft, Salesforce, Telstra Global, TrustSphere, Verizon Business.

Q. What is the Asia Cloud Computing Association (ACCA)?
A. The group has been formed to foster collaboration and innovation among stakeholders in cloud computing in Asia. While cloud computing in the region will grow 40 percent per year until 2014 (IDC), Asia has some unique inhibitors to adoption. The organization will focus on these to accelerate cloud computing adoption in the region.

Q. Why does the industry need another cloud association when there are a number of other such organizations?
A. While there are other organizations and standards bodies involved in various aspects of cloud computing, there is no group that specifically is involved in the Asian market or that is focused entirely on enabling collaboration and education in that market. Compared to the United States or Europe, Asia's cloud computing environment is fragmented and faces a wide variety of regulatory and compliance issues.

Q. On which areas will the ACCA focus on?
A. We see several areas that we impact. These include the policy and regulatory environments, security and best practices.

Q. What else can the organization deliver to enable adoption of cloud computing?
A. We provide best practices and a taxonomy for cloud computing as well as a cloud-readiness index for end users and suppliers. As a group of the region's most innovative companies, we also plan to use our combined forces to educate providers as well as end users about the appropriate applications of cloud computing and related concerns.

Q. What other kinds of companies would benefit from membership in the ACCA?
A. Hardware providers, such as those in the networking and computer markets; software developers; services providers; and carriers. We also encourage participation by researchers and academic institutions active in cloud computing issues as well as those involved in regulation and policy.

Q. Do you intend to involve end users, the consumers, of cloud computing?
A. Through our outreach and communications, we plan to help educate end users about cloud computing issues and solutions. Our marketing committee addresses end user communications as part of its efforts.

Q. How is membership structured and what is the cost?
A. There are three levels of membership: Enterprise, Associate and SME. Fees are based on company revenue, no. of employees, and geographic spread..