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ACCA @ CEA 2015

ACCA @ Cloud Expo Asia 2015

ACCA@5 – Asia Pacific’s Cloud Journey
Panel discussion hosted by the Asia Cloud Computing Association

In conjunction with our 5th anniversary, the Asia Cloud Computing Association (ACCA) hosted a panel at Cloud Expo Asia 2015 on 29 Oct 2015, hosted in the Service Provider and Cloud Ecosystems Theatre. The panel discussed “ACCA@5 - Asia Pacific's Cloud's Journey”, and featured Mr Bernie Trudel, Chairman of the ACCA (Cisco), Mr Eric Hui, Board Member of the ACCA (Equinix), and also Ms Sujung Kim from the Korean Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning (MSIP). The panel was moderated by Ms Lim May-Ann, the Executive Director of the ACCA.

Mr Trudel outlined the changes in the cloud ecosystem from 5 years to present date, noting that the industry has come far from its early days when consumers thought that “cloud computing” had no physical data centre component to it. Mr Eric Hui concurred, and also noted that over the last 5 years, he had noted more collaboration and “co-opetition” as more vendors and consumers saw the benefit of working together in concert rather than conflict. Ms Sujung Kim then provided an overview of the most recent developments in cloud adoption by the Korean government, from the recently implemented “world’s first cloud computing act”, as well as how the Korean financial industry now had explicit permission from the financial regulators that they could now outsource to cloud computing vendors, within certain restrictions.

Ms Lim rounded up the discussion noting that cloud computing has set the foundations over the last five years for a new type of future, one which will be shaped by the next generation of programmers and developers who have grown up in a mobile-first, mobile-only world – and that the new cloud paradigms would be shaped by this new generation.



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Stacy Baird, Chairman, Data Governance Working Group
Asia Cloud Computing Association