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Special Interest and Working Groups

Special Interest Groups (SIGs) and Working Groups (WGs) are proposed and set up by ACCA members, involving other like-minded members in a common mandate, such as the development of a report, a specific sector engagement or meetings. Groups may be retired for various reasons, such as completion of a project, falling below 3 unique members, or evolution of the original ideas behind the group, birthing new groups. The Chair of Special Interest and Working Groups is Stacy Baird.


  • Public Policy and Regulation Working Group (ad hoc) (2011-present)
  • Asia Analytics Alliance Special Interest Group ("AAA SIG") (2017-present)
  • Financial Services Industry Special Interest Group ("FSI SIG") (2017-present)


  • Emerging Cloud Services Working Group (2015-2016)
  • Cloud Market Segments Working Group (2014-2015)
  • Data Governance Working Group (2013-2016)
  • Cloud Security Working Group (2011-2013)

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Public Policy and Regulation Working Group (ad hoc) (2011-present)

MANDATE: To develop and execute public policy initiatives to ensure the ACCA is effectively represented in public debates and in the cloud computing community


  • Cloud Readiness Index (CRI 2011, 2012, 2014, 2016, 2018)
  • Regular responses to public consultations


  • Lim May-Ann, Executive Director (Chair)
  • All other members will be ad hoc and on-demand, depending on public consultation at the time – very much like cloud

ABOUT: It is critical for national public policymakers to understand the benefits of cloud computing as a new technological delivery model, and how it can make their country more competitive on a regional and global scale. Cloud computing offers significant opportunities for local industries, it attracts investments and overseas businesses and it provides considerable significant boost to e-government initiatives. Countries with the most insightful, transparent and fair regulatory environment will be the most successful in capitalizing on this new opportunity. The PPR WG works to facilitate dialogue between policy makers, service providers, vendors, users and other stakeholders in Asia Pacific to educate and offer considered policy recommendations to governments around the region.


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Asia Analytics Alliance Special Interest Group (“AAA SIG”) (2017-present)

MANDATE: The primary mission of the group is to accelerate the growth and development of analytics technologies in Asia Pacific through thought leadership activities as well as involvement in the broad public policy debate with Governments, Regulators and Industry stakeholders.


  • Upcoming


  • TrustSphere - Arun Sundar (Chair)

ABOUT: Asia Analytics Alliance (a Special Interest Group of the Asia Cloud Computing Association, "ACCA SIG-AAA") is a group of analytics leaders and evangelists across Asia Pacific.


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Financial Services Industry Special Interest Group ("FSI SIG") (2017-present)

MANDATE: To expand the use of cloud computing in the financial services sector.


  • Financial Services in the Cloud: Regulations in Asia Pacific (2018)


  • AWS - Brandon Lim
  • AWS - Quint Simons
  • AWS - Roger Somerville
  • Equinix - Mary McHale
  • Equinix Amanpriet Dhingra
  • Google - Andrew Kim
  • Google - Aruna Withane
  • Microsoft - Andrew Cooke
  • Microsoft - Joy Fuyono
  • Microsoft - Lesly Goh
  • Salesforce - Sassoon Grigorian (Chair)

ABOUT: The FSI SIG was set up in Nov 2016 to focus on the growing interest in using cloud computing and its various technology applications in the financial services sector. This includes traditional banking sectors, securities, insurance, as well as new applications in Fintech.




Emerging Cloud Services Working Group (2015-2016)

MANDATE: To explore and promote the ancillary services which emerge from cloud computing.

Note: This WG was retired to form the Special Interest Group – Asia Analytics Alliance, in 2017.


  • Data Analytics White Paper (2016)


  • Cazar - Stefan Sawh
  • Cisco - Bernie Trudel
  • CSC - Daniel Angelucci
  • CSC - Madhwesh Kulkarni
  • Digital Realty - Jihann Pederson
  • EMC - Chandrakumar Natarajan
  • Equinix - Eric Hui
  • Equinix - Hsiahm Muhammad
  • Google - Barbara Navarro
  • Google - Oyvind Roti
  • Microsoft - Erick Stephens
  • Microsoft - John Galligan
  • Microsoft - Valerie Tan
  • Odin - Pavel Ershov
  • PLDT - Joey Limjap
  • PLDT - Nico Alcoseba
  • Telstra - Marcin Coles
  • Telstra - Shehara Viswanathan
  • Telstra - Sudith Devanarayana
  • Telstra - Todd Bates
  • TrustSphere - Aravind MP
  • TrustSphere - Arun Sundar (Chair)
  • TrustSphere - Hana Owens
  • Verizon - Gareth Williams

ABOUT: The broad awareness and understanding the benefits of “big data” and its potential to spark innovation, fuel commerce, and drive progress in today’s digitally connected enterprises, SMEs as well as start-ups is on a high. However, the adoption of "big data technologies" is hindered by a perceived need for big investments. The issue is even deeper and most pertinent in APAC given the large and growing SMB segment. Cloud computing technologies provides an excellent platform to drive adoption of big data technologies especially in Asia Pacific, and this will keep increasing. Thus this working group's first project will be to create a framework for developing and nurturing the use of big data in government and the private sector.



Cloud Market Segments Working Group (2014-2015)

MANDATE: To identify and work with core sectors and segments of industries which are underdeveloped in their adoption of cloud computing technologies

Note: This group was retired upon publication of the SME 2015 report.

PRIMARY PRODUCT: SMEs and Cloud Computing Report (2015)


  • Cisco - Bernie Trudel
  • Dimension Data - Bill Padfield
  • Eire Systems - Geoff Taylor
  • EMC - Rohan Cook
  • Evantage Technology - Drew Graham
  • Globe - Reynaldo Jr Lugtu
  • HP - Aman Neil Dokania
  • Microsoft - John Galligan (Chair)
  • Rackspace - Alan Perkins

ABOUT: The current focus of the Cloud Segments WG is on the small and medium enterprise (SME) sector. The WG’s SME and Cloud Computing Report will provide thought leadership and education to governments, the vendor community and the SME's to bring cloud computing technologies to the SME market. In addition, the WG will play a leadership role across three constituencies in bringing cloud computing technologies to the SME market – (i) government: by illuminating best practice support programmes and championing key initiatives and requirements; (ii) the vendor community: by providing better understanding of SME demand and characteristics; (iii) the SMEs themselves: by providing a resource base. The WG will also help to establish the relationships necessary to enable SMEs, and to focus on the development of the ecosystem of government support, information and support access, and new technology required for mass SME adoption of cloud computing.



Data Governance Working Group (2013-2016)

MANDATE: To develop recommendations and suggestions for data governance, including rules, issues, and compliance issues which surround data and its management.

Note: this Working Group was retired in 2016 in order to develop the emerging cloud services working group, and the special interest group on the financial services.


  • Data Sovereignty Report (DS 2013)
  • Financial Services and Cloud (2015)


  • Stacy Baird (Chair)
  • Cisco - Bernie Trudel
  • Cisco - Doug Farndale
  • EMC - Mark Read
  • EMC - Par Botes
  • EMC - Rohan Cook
  • Evantage Technology - Sam Walker
  • Globe - Francisco Fernando Claravall
  • Microsoft - John Galligan
  • Microsoft - Michael Thatcher
  • NetApp - Matthew Zele
  • OCA - Michael Mud
  • RSA - Jeffrey Kok
  • SMART PLDT - Rey Coloma
  • Taylor Vinters - Tim Pullan
  • Verizon - Aaron Sharpe
  • Verizon - David Rosengrave
  • Workday - Tyson Purdue

ABOUT: This WG focuses on the rules, issues, and compliance issues which surround data, such as its management, security and control. These include questions and decisions on which persons can handle what information, under what circumstances and using what methods. The WG connects conversations between the regulator, the cloud service user and the cloud service provider. The DG WG also offers up-to-date information on the status of data governance in Asia Pacific, as well as develop best practices and recommendations for Asia Pacific countries.


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Cloud Security Working Group (2011-2013)

MANDATE: To develop methods by which cloud security could be better understood by the market

Note: this Working Group was retired in 2013 to form the Data Governance Working Group.


  • Cloud Assessment Tool (2012)
  • Cloud Map (2011)


  • Stacy Baird (Chair)
  • Cisco - Bernie Trudel
  • EMC - Mark Read
  • EMC - Par Botes
  • NetApp - Matthew Zele
  • RSA - Jeffrey Kok
  • SMART PLDT - Rey Coloma
  • Verizon - Aaron Sharpe