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About the ACCA



The global market for cloud computing started growing in early 2010 - and hasn't looked back since. Spending on cloud services continues to grow at compounded annual rates, and the industry has generated millions of new jobs worldwide. New innovation is being created every day with the potential and power that the cloud gives to everyone - enterprises, small businesses, and the individual. Cloud Computing, once considered as a possible fad, has proven itself clearly to be a new and major trend in computing and, going forward, it is also very likely to prove itself a major game-changer for businesses.

While several global industry consortia, including the Asia Cloud Computing Association (ACCA), are actively involved in making cloud computing a reality by addressing the needs for common platforms, the ACCA is the only one doing so with a focus on the opportunities and issues in Asia Pacific (APAC).

APAC's unique issues challenge the adoption of cloud computing. Markets are highly fragmented. Regulations vary significantly among countries. Users are much more likely to control their own IT assets, according to IDC. And key underlying technologies, such as broadband, still have not yet fully penetrated some countries, inhibiting the growth of multi-tenant infrastructures.


ACCA offers a very specific forum for stakeholders – hardware and software developers, carriers, enterprise users, policy makers and researchers – to collaborate on the requirements of the Asia market from within, with expertise born of local knowledge. As a collaborative forum, ACCA will accelerate the growth of the cloud market regionally by helping remove obstacles and leveraging opportunities. Our membership is a mix of large and small companies, enterprises, governments and other associations. 

Within ACCA, working groups address issues prioritized by the Association's Board. These currently include:

  • Public Policy and Regulatory Working Group: works to ensure that the interests of the cloud computing industry are represented and to contribute to public policy.
  • Data Governance Working Group: develops and promotes cloud-friendly security governance and best practices to enterprises and policymakers.
  • Cloud Segments Working Group
  • Emerging Cloud Services Working Group


To establish collaboration among cloud stakeholders in Asia to accelerate the growth of the cloud market by:

  • providing a platform for the members to debate growth strategies, share ideas, and establish policies and best practices relating to the cloud computing ecosystem;
  • ensuring that the interests of the cloud computing community are effectively represented in the public policy debate;
  • defining and supporting requirements that promote the cloud computing ecosystem;
  • encouraging the rapid adoption of cloud standards;
  • educating the business and consumer communities as to the value of cloud-based products and services;
  • promote market demand for cloud products;
  • collaborating with other organizations that have similar interests and goals to ACCA;
  • promoting the common interests and benefits of ACCA members; and
  • addressing actions as directed by the membership and in accordance with governing laws.

Membership and Constitution