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  • Cloud Readiness Index 2018
    Cloud Readiness Index 2018 The CRI 2018 report shows that Singapore tops the APAC region, closely followed by Hong Kong and New Zealand. Read More
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    Board Members 2019 The board represents a cross section of the membership; providing governance, direction and leadership. More...
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    Membership- Join the ACCA The Asia Cloud Computing Association (ACCA) is accepting applications for membership! We are a leading industry association that seeks to accelerate the adoption of cloud computing in Asia Pacific. Join Us
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    2018 Financial Cloud Want to walk banks and the financial services industry through their move onto cloud? Read the ACCA's latest report, Asia’s Financial Services: Ready for the Cloud – A Report on FSI Regulations impacting Cloud in Asia-Pacific Markets More...
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    2017 Cloud in Healthcare Information technology has been core to a transformation of the healthcare industry, and cloud is a key transformation driver. How can healthcare providers leverage cloud technologies for development? The ACCA will explore this in 2016. Read more

2016 Q1 ACCA Meeting: Bangkok, Thailand (10-11 Mar 2016)

thailandThe 2016 Q1 ACCA member meeting was in Bangkok, Thailand, March 2016. Two roundtables were held:

  • 10 Mar - a closed-door invitation-only session with Thai policymakers and industry leaders discussing "APAC and Thailand's Cloud Industry, and the Digital Economy", and
  • 11 Mar - "Cloud Computing Technology for Better Patient Outcomes - A roundtable discussion with the Thai Healthcare Industry", the Thailand leg of our Healthcare and Cloud Computing Roundtable Series. Attendance is free but please register online at  [Download Programme and Invitation].

If you've not received your member invitations and the programme, please do contact us at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  and we'll send you an invite asap. See you in Bangkok!

updated 10 Mar 2016
No time for a proper group photo because the #accacloud had such an intense discussion on the Thai cloud and digital economy in #Bangkok, so a selfie will have to suffice. Thank you everyone for participating in our ICT trade dialogue and networking so readily! 

ACCA2016 q1

ACCA 2015 AGM and Fifth Anniversary Celebration in Singapore

ACCA 2015 AGM and Fifth Anniversary in Singapore
ACCA members gathered for the Q4 meetings in Singapore on 12 November 2015. The board meeting and the AGM were held at the Dimension Data offices. In addition to reviewing 2015 and planning the work agenda for 2016, the members used the opportunity to look back at the five years of the ACCA since its inception in 2010.

On the occasion of the Fifth Anniversary of the ACCA, the members also gathered for a reception at the Lantern Bar at the Fullerton Bay hotel. The reception offered members and friends a chance to unwind and connect with each other in a relaxed atmosphere against the beautiful backdrop of the Singapore Marina and the Central Business District.


Dr Lee Hing Yan, Director of National Cloud Computing Office at the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA), joined the ACCA members as the guest of honour. Dr Lee offered a congratulatory toast to the ACCA members on the anniversary and commended ACCA efforts to promote cloud computing in Singapore and the region.


The ACCA organises quarterly member visits to different Asia Pacific cities to explore different facets of the technology and cloud market. The objective is to accelerate the adoption of cloud across the region, including different sectors, such as financial services, healthcare, small and medium enterprises.
For more information on ACCA meetings and which Asia Pacific city we visit next, please click here.

The Cloud Readiness Index 2018

Cloud Readiness Index 2018: Asia-Pacific strengthens its cloud capabilities; emerging markets continue to play catch-up

The Cloud Readiness Index (CRI) 2018 is the fifth iteration of the Asia Cloud Computing Association's (ACCA) flagship report. It measures 14 economies across Asia Pacific (APAC) on ten parameters to indicate how prepared they are in adopting cloud computing. CRI 2018 shows that Singapore tops the APAC region, closely followed by Hong Kong and New Zealand. It also reveals that on average, cloud infrastructure and regulation are the region's strong points, while cloud governance and security weigh it down. A new section is included this year to explore the different ways the CRI can move beyond readiness to measure the potential impact cloud technologies have on societies, including metrics on cloud adoption, application, and usage. This new dimension is aimed at helping government policymakers and policy support organisations such as the ACCA provide accurate insights and timely perspectives on technology trends.

Results and analyses for the Cloud Readiness Index 2018 are presented via an interactive microsite, accessible here.

Full Report | Table of Results | Presentation Slides | Press Release

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The use of cloud computing in healthcare has been core to a transformation of the healthcare industry. However, delivery of better patient management and care via electronic health records, personal wellness monitoring, and other cloud-enabled methods of patient care has raised concerns with regard to legal compliance and preserving the privacy of patients. Privacy, security, reliability, audit, limits on data use and data segregation are among the issues that surface when discussing cloud services for healthcare. To better understand these needs, and the opportunities for the adoption of cloud computing, the ACCA is bringing together in roundtable discussions experts from healthcare and cloud services to discuss the issues facing the Healthcare Industry that are perceived to be barriers to the adoption of cloud computing. Find a roundtable in your city to join today!


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Dec 2015

  • 8 Dec 2015 - Stacy Baird, Chairman of the ACCA Data Governance working group, explains why Hong Kong’s copyright bill is no threat to free speech. The proposed exceptions in Hong Kong’s copyright bill, taken together, unambiguously address all concerns related to protecting free speech. Read the full article in South China Morning Post

Nov 2015

Oct 2015

  • 29 Oct 2015 - Cloud Expo Asia 2015 - the ACCA hosted a panel titled "ACCA@5 – Asia Pacific’s Cloud Journey" in conjunction with our 5th anniversary. The panel looked back at 5 years of cloud developments and takes stock of how far the industry has come, and takes a look into what's next in store for the next 5 years of cloud computing in the region. [more]

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