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ACCA’s Upcoming Event


The ACCA hosted its first 2017 roundtable in Jakarta, Indonesia at Hotel Pullman Thamrin on 9 Mar 2017 from 10.30am to 2.30pm with the theme of “Enabling Free Flow of Data in the Digital Economy”. The event was well-attended with 50 participants from the government, cloud and data centre companies, trade associations and non-governmental organisations. Through the event, abundant opportunities in the economy were discussed on data centres and in the fintech sector.
Details of the full programme can be found here.


Mr Bernie Trudel, Chairman of the ACCA, welcomed everyone to the roundtable. He recognised the developments that have been happening in Indonesia in different industry verticals like the financial services and telecommunications companies.

 2.Panel1 End

Sub-title of photo: Mr Arun Sundar (centre) with (from left to right) Mr Heru Sutadi (Indonesia ICT Institute), Mr Ardi Sutedja (Indonesia Cyber Security Forum), Mr Satria Gonayoman (APKOMINDO), Mr Teguh Prasetya (MASTEL) and Mr Rommy Bastian Hutauruk (PT Lintasarta)

A lively discussion on data flow in Indonesia ensued, moderated by Mr Arun Sundar, chair of the Asia Analytics Alliance, a special interest group of the ACCA. Each panellist gave their viewpoint on the opportunities in Indonesia, despite challenges with regards to the government regulation on data centres (GR82/2012). Cybersecurity was highlighted as an issue that needs to be addressed by the government, as there is no regulation with that focus. Public education is needed given that citizens are generally unaware of the threats of using the Internet.

After a sumptuous lunch, the second half of the session kicked off with two keynote speakers – Mr Yosamartha from Bank Indonesia and Mr Hendrikus Passagi from the Financial Services Authority (OJK).


Mr Yosamartha showed the different approaches that countries like the US, Netherlands, Germany and the UK have towards fintech regulation. For example, the US has no single unified regulator with borrower and investor protection. On the other hand, Netherlands has light fintech regulation and has room for self-regulation.


Mr Passagi gave an overview of the regulatory purview of both OJK and BI, and was open to discuss regulatory barriers with fintech companies through trade associations.


Sub-title of photo: Mr Sassoon Grigorian with Mr Dondy Bappedyanto (Biznet GIO), Mr Noerman Taufik (Indonesian Cloud) and Mr Julius Emilio (Kartuku)

Our final session discussed the topic “E-payments and fintech”. Mr Sassoon Grigorian, Chair of the ACCA Financial Services Industry Special Interest Group, moderated the session. The panellists recognise the foundation cloud and data centres provide the development of fintech companies. They see potential in the following sub-sectors of fintech: P2P lending companies, online pawnshops and payment processing.

6.MA End

Ms Lim May-Ann, Executive Director of the ACCA, thanked everyone who came for the roundtable. If you are interested to know more about the programme, it can be found here.

For more information on upcoming research projects, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


The ACCA held its Q1 meeting at Telkomtelstra’s office in Jakarta, with the sprawling view of Jakarta in the background. Members discussed pipeline projects and wrapped up existing ones like ACCA’s healthcare report on The Promise of Cloud Computing for the Healthcare Industry. Thank you to Telkomtelstra for hosting us, and thank you to members for flying in to Jakarta, Indonesia for the meeting. Stay tuned at this space for more thought leadership pieces from the ACCA!


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The use of cloud computing in healthcare has been core to a transformation of the healthcare industry. However, delivery of better patient management and care via electronic health records, personal wellness monitoring, and other cloud-enabled methods of patient care has raised concerns with regard to legal compliance and preserving the privacy of patients. Privacy, security, reliability, audit, limits on data use and data segregation are among the issues that surface when discussing cloud services for healthcare. To better understand these needs, and the opportunities for the adoption of cloud computing, the ACCA is bringing together in roundtable discussions experts from healthcare and cloud services to discuss the issues facing the Healthcare Industry that are perceived to be barriers to the adoption of cloud computing. Find a roundtable in your city to join today!


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